Sunday, 15 December 2013


At Christmas time we look to see, for the brightest star to bring us peace;

and lets all hope we can play our part, and thank the Lord the way we are;

because despair and hope are not that far, and each one of us, can play our part;

so lets rejoice and sing his praise, so that peace can return for more than just one day.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Broadstairs is a much loved historical seaside town
where Charles Dickens once lived to write 'Bleak House'

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are people's design
shows you where they shopped
and clues as to what's inside?

It could be clothes or household goods
or maybe gold jewellery, CD's or books.

They carry the bags, with their heads held high
for they have bought something chic or just nice.

The poor shopping bag has a journey to make
before it is discharged and then re-cycled again.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Going Home on the Kent Line

Ringing tones
and endless chatting
evening dear
I have arrived in Chatham

Will be late to Rainham too
I believe leaves on the track
is tonight's given excuse

Mind the gap said carriage of eight
we have arrived in Faversham
to change this train

Hold on tight not far to go
pass Reculvar
Birchington is home

George Henry Walter Binks

We say goodbye to George Henry Walter Binks,
who has sadly passed away, just when spring begins.

He was loved by all for his charm and wit,
and for stories he told with an added twist.

Right to the end he held his head high,
while fighting the pain that was hurting him inside.

So George Henry Walter Binks may you now rest in peace,
for we shall praise your love and courage which is now your


(my father-in-law had a stroke in February 2005 and sadly passed away that year. I wrote this poem specially for him and read it out at his funeral service)

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Tears of Lost

Why do tears fill your eyes?
your mind is lost
your thoughts are dry

Your body shakes
your speak is weak
the heart beats faster
you cry in your sleep

The love you felt
has gone away
but you are strong
to live the day

The tears of lost
are being replaced
but the joy of love
you found today


Nothing prepares you for the day
when you are called down
to hear your fate

A letter awaits
the managers are frown
bad news to give you
HR are around

Your time is up
after so many years
no time for sentiments
or even a few tears

You are out of the building
before you can breath
farewell to the city
what awaits me?

(I wrote this poem soon after I was made redundant in 2005, having worked in the City of London)